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Beyond The Money: The Real Impact Of A Buy-Sell Agreement

We spend a lot of time focusing on the technical aspects of the financial services business. We don’t spend enough time focusing on the human aspects and the impact of what we do.

Let's face it: most people won’t understand the detailed nature of insurance and financial planning. But everyone can understand the implications of friendships and partnerships collapsing.

Marc Bernstein's story brings this reality to life.

He shows us why it's so important to overcome our reluctance to call CPAs and attorneys and to provide our advice with confidence and a mindset of urgency.

Whenever you feel call reluctance coming on when you’ve been referred to an attorney or accountant, listen to this story and use it.

Use it to help get yourself in the right frame of mind. Or, share Marc's story with your clients to bring your planning ideas to life.

Remember, the financial services profession is not just about illustrations and spreadsheets. This is an emotional business!

Stories like this make that emotional connection and will allow clients to relate to you. Most importantly, they help you build trust and relationships and differentiate your practice in today's competitive and changing world.


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