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Front Cover Image - When Business Become
Life of Significance:
Super Saver Bundle Set

Industry-leading professionals share their personal journeys and client experiences. In this package you'll receive the 2nd edition Living a Life of Significance Book. You'll also receive When Business Become Personal and A Woman's Perspective digital (online) audio/video programs.

This collection retails for $124.95



Hardcover Book, 174 pages

23 Tracks - Approx. 91 minutes


Please note: You will receive an email after you place your order with instructions on accessing the digital (online) programs.

Acanthus Publishing
Copyright © 2013-2016 Joseph W. Jordan
All rights reserved

ISBN 978-0-9890001-1-6

ISBN 978-0-9815589-0-5

ISBN 978-0-9905536-9-4

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