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A Little Inspiration Goes A Long Way

StartFragmentNathan Thompson is a 24-year-old financial professional who has been in insurance and financial services since April 2014. While he struggled in the business at first, he discovered a new way to elevate himself and has seen dramatic improvements since. Before being in insurance, Nathan spent four years in active duty, including time in Afghanistan, as a medic in the Army. He had always wanted to help people, and it was there he saw the impact he could have. After an injury prevented him from serving as a combat medic, Nathan decided to leave the Army. He went into retail sales at first, and then insurance and financial services. What attracted him to the business was that the recruiter spoke about serving their clients, and how it can be a great career. EndFragment

Joe Jordan - Newsletter

StartFragmentWhile he struggled at first, he was given a mentor after 5 months on the job. He told him, "You need to get on the Hoopis website. They have videos from all the big dogs in the industry. Spend your first 30 minutes every day getting motivated and learning new tips on how to be successful." Upon taking his advice, the first video he saw was mine! It's a video called, "Joe Jordan's Interesting and Amazing Things," where I talk about our purpose of providing people with independence and dignity. Nathan started watching these videos first thing every day. I'm honored to say that he's seen all of mine, and that it changed his perception of himself. "I stopped taking a lowly disposition when speaking to other people," he told me. "I know that I have something that can help other people. It's not about getting a sale. It's about doing the best I can for my client, and giving them quality advice." The other effect it had was that it prompted Nathan to talk to his friends and family. In the past, he had always tried to keep a barrier between business and his personal life. He now realizes the need to protect the people that he cares about most. He doesn't want any problems to happen that he could have helped them avoid. The results have been truly incredible. On the phone, he's more confident and passionate. He's finding that more people are saying "yes" to meetings with him. And while he is still committed to cold calling, he is receiving much of his business through referrals now, which he learned through other videos on Hoopis. Most importantly, he's found inspiration, made it a daily occurrence and committed to action. Whether you're new or an industry vet, we all could take a lesson from Nathan! EndFragment

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