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Jeff Gruehn's Story: The Power Of Proper Small Business Planning

Serving the small business market is crucial. There are almost 28 million small businesses in the United States.

Over 50% of the working population (120 million individuals) work in small businesses, which have generated over 65% of the new jobs in this country since 1995.

Serving the small business market is not only lucrative, but it sustains the growth engine for jobs and innovation for the future.

Consider Jeff Gruehn's story.

See how his conviction and persistence dramatically altered the trajectory of a local business that was vital to the families of a tight-knit community.

Click here to see the Rick Barone story mentioned at the end of this video.

The $3 million check that Jeff delivered was able to buyout his brother’s spouse, keep the family close, keep the business intact and ensure that 200 people kept their jobs.

Notice the feedback Jeff's client provided to him, "Today I just lost my brother, my best friend and my business partner. The only reason I'll keep the business is because you forced us to address this issue... It was your conviction that finally pushed us over the edge."

People do not make financial decisions based on logic. They make it based on trust and relationships.

You can help create trusted relationships with your clients by connecting with them through stories like Jeff's. Through stories, people can better understand the human impact that financial planning can have on their lives, their families and employees.

How would your business clients feel if, with proper planning, they were able to save their family business and the jobs of all their employees? How would they feel if they never acted, something happened and the company crumbled?

You may not always have the answers, but by asking the right questions you can build the path for proper financial planning and impact a business in a way that spans generations of many families.


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