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"Like a Light in the Dark"

Take a minute out to watch to this great video about living benefits. It’s a powerful story about the impact we can have on clients.

Brutally attacked at her place of employment as she pulled into work one Monday morning, Heilyn Hernandez Pages was doused in gasoline and set on fire. The attack left her with severe burns covering the majority of her body. Heilyn’s miraculous road to recovery would prove to be a costly one, requiring multiple graft surgeries and occupational therapy to regain full mobility. She was unable to work while in the hospital, and her income dropped to zero.

As the sole provider for her household, which includes her young daughter and both of her parents, Heilyn was able to avoid financial ruin by accelerating $425,000 from her Living Benefits term policy. As fate would have it, she had set the policy up only nine months before the attack took place.


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